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Central New Jersey No Kidding!

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Frequently Asked Questions



How large is the Central New Jersey chapter?

Our mailing list includes about 100 members.  The attendance at our events varies widely, but typically is between 12 & 18.


Are members all couples? 

At the present time our chapter is comprised mostly of couples (married and not), but we have had single members in the past and welcome members regardless of relationship status.


How did this organization begin?

Our parent organization - Chapter One of No Kidding! - was founded in 1984 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. There are now many chapters throughout the world.

This chapter of No Kidding! was started in January 2000 by Shura Arnold and John Haigh of NJ, and Barbara Breuer of Staten Island.


Are there dues?

No. We have been able to operate dues-free to this point.  In order to contribute to the chapter, we encourage members to take turns hosting a dinner or special event.


What are your typical meetings like?

We get together on a monthly basis, predominantly for dinner in Central Jersey, typically on a Saturday evening. 

Cost of dinners will depend on venue selected by that month's host.  Estimated cost per person is provided prior to each month's event.  We request individual bar tabs whenever possible. Members pay for each dinner or event when they attend; no money is collected in advance.

Our dinners are informal.  They are a great way to meet people that have common interests, and to make new friends.


How are the dinners coordinated?

Members take turns, and hosting a dinner is easy: 

First, reach out to the email provided below if you want to volunteer to host a dinner.   Then make arrangements with a restaurant of your choice, including setting up a menu (with  separate checks when possible).   Next, provide this info to the coordinator well in advance so they can send out invitations. Finally, collect money at the end of the dinner and pay the restaurant.


What events are there besides the dinners?

We have held a number of special events in the past, either separately or combined with dinner or brunch. We are very interested in holding a wide variety of activities as often as possible.

Special events are typically initiated by members who want to share a special interest or try something different with the group.  We encourage suggestions and volunteers.

Our special events have included many diverse activities including: trips to Monmouth Raceway, bike rides, a hot air balloon festival, a dinner cruise, Sunday brunches, Country Western line dancing, community theater, a guided tour of the Grounds For Sculpture, and shopping trips to New Hope.

Also, besides the monthly dinners/events there is a Women's Group/Book Club that meets on the 1st Sunday of each month.  Visit our Contact Us page to request more information.


What is the best way find out about upcoming events?

Visit our Contact Us page and ask to join our mailing list. 

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